Life with Kat & McKay


When Mama’s Boy McKay Dunn asks Daddy’s Girl, Kat Steele, to marry him, they’re deliriously happy…for about a minute. And then the uphill trudge to the altar begins as their circle of family and friends keeps putting roadblocks in their path. Will they make it? Tune in to find out…


Jenna Finley as Katherine “Kat” Steele. Daddy’s Girl with a love for the finer things in life. She also loves McKay and believes in his dreams, but she’s not exactly prepared to make sacrifices in her life. Luckily, she can always count on Daddy to come to the rescue.

Paul Haitkin as McKay Dunn. Mama’s Boy aiming for the stars. When Mama believes in you, all things are possible. That he found a woman like Kat to believe in him, too, just makes his goal of becoming a big star someday that much more real. He loves Kat with all his heart. But doing what Mama says is second nature. Who trumps whom?

Marie Del Marco as Belinda Dunn. Mama. And not just any Mama. The kind of Mama that can bulldoze obstacles out of her son’s way with just a look. Unfortunately, she sees Kat as an obstacle.

Dean Gosdin as Doyle Dunn. If you could turn a hound into a husband, it would be Doyle. He’s solid, hardworking, loyal and, uh, morose. He didn’t exactly think his life would turn out like this, what with Belinda running the show and all, but he’ll do his duty. The love he has for his son, and his growing affection for his daughter-in-law to be, are the two bright spots in his otherwise gray existence.

Jim Garrity as Will Steele. Daddy. Rich, powerful and charming (when he chooses to be). Kat is the only person in Will’s life whom he truly loves, and who can tell him no. He spoils her rotten. She’s okay with that.

Gabrielle McCrossin as Sharyn Quest. Kat’s mother. Oh boy. She’s something else. Having divorced Kat’s father when Kat was a young child, Sharyn still shoots daggers out of her eyes whenever she sees her ex. She’s never forgiven him for moving on so quickly without her, and “gets back at him” by being in ridiculous, inappropriate relationships. Kat cringes every time her mother is near.

Pamela Joy Walworth as Tiffany Adams . Kat’s best friend. Tiffany met McKay first and made the tactical error of introducing him to Kat before she could tell her how much she liked him. Kat and McKay fell hard almost immediately, but to Tiffany, if she’d only kept him to herself for a while, she would have had a chance. She pines for what could have been.

Ryan Smith as Gabriel “Gabe” Johnson. McKay’s best friend. He’s absolutely beside himself with irritation that his best friend found a trust-fund baby to marry. In Gabe’s mind, Kat has ruined his near perfect, almost lifelong friendship with McKay. He’ll never forgive her. The only bright spot is Tiffany. Gabe worships her from afar, but knows she’s out of his league. Tiffany has no idea Gabe feels this way. But Gabe is right on about her.

Angee Hughes as Cora. Belinda’s best friend. When her husband, Bob, divorced her, Cora had to find a way to support herself. She loves weddings, so when the opportunity to become Kat & McKay’s wedding videographer came up, she jumped on it — with Belinda’s blessings of course. Problem? Only that Cora doesn’t know an f-stop from a filter when it comes to cameras.